Mission - You Make Me Breathe chords

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G                G/F#              Em
Never knew how much you can mean to me
G                      G/F#               Em
Till the moment you saw how untrue I could be
Never meant to cause you sorrow
  C/B                        Am   G
Never meant to cause you any pain
But with all the best intentions
C/B                             Am     C
I can't promise I won't do it again

G                                               G/F#                   Em
I dont't know what it is that drives me to make me want to throw it all away
            G                      G/F#                         Em
'Cos you're really very precious and I do so dearly want you to stay
     C                  C/B               Am   G
Gets harder all the time to be away from you
       C                     C/B                      Am
And I want to work it out so you can grow to trust me too
C             G
Like I trust you

G                    G/F#                    Em
Time is not the healer I was hoping he would be
          G                    G/F#                 Em
I'm still tender and bruised but I want you to touch me
        C                        C/B                            Am   G
There's healing in your touch and you're the one I need to be with
          C                  C/B                     Am   C
I want to give myself to you give you all I have to give
           G      G/F#    Em
You made me live 
           G       G/F#      Em
You made me breathe 
            G     G/F#      Em
You made me breathe
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