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Mitch Hansen Band - Twilight Hour tab

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Hey guys - Shekiah Rosay here!  This is a tab of one of my favorite Mitch Hansen songs, 
the title track of his debut CD: "Twilight Hour."

No capo, standard tuning.  Enjoy! ;)

        Cadd9  A
It's a simple thing
D               A
Losing me would hurt you so deeply
G                A
I see it in your ochre eyes
D                  G        D                A
Don't let me be an eyeblink in your endless, sleepless eternity
G                              D
Please say you want me by your side


Cadd9          A
Please tell me why
G                                D
Take my hand and stop all this debating
Cadd9              A
Please change your mind
G                                 D
The hourglass only offers so much waiting

       Cadd9    D            A
'Cause I'm just one of those grains you see,
G                             A
Slipping down the neck of the bottle
Cadd9             A
Soon the top will be empty
    G                D
And you'll be out of me

etc, etc
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