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Mixtapes - Anna Maria chords

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Anna Maria - Mixtapes

Tuning: Standard

When Bm and G5 are over the verse, pick it like the intro. I couldn't tell if the 
notes are exactly in the right order but those are the notes. 

   Bm            G5

Intro x2

Verse 1:
             Bm                  G5 
I swear that I remember just the dumbest things
Bm                G5
Secret places and trying to breathe
Bm                            G5    
Heart-shaped leaves in secret corners
G         G        A        
It's over it's all in my head
           Bm                          G5
Passed out before the morning but just late enough
             Bm                        G5
We use these words as weapons just the sharpest tongues
Bm                   G5
Maybe one day we can understand
G                 G   A
I'm not talking about falling in love

Chorus 1: (Play Bar Chords)
D        G
So I say goodbye for now if it's right, it'll work out somehow
Somehow I know that the early morning's coming
But I don't wanna wake up
It's better to lose yourself than someone else
          G (Stop)
Cause I'm just not prepared and I'm scared

Verse 2:
            Bm                       G5
For all the same sad reasons that we write these songs
          Bm                         G5
We try to build ourselves up but I'm not that strong
Bm                        G5
All the places just don't feel the same
        G     G    A
And I'm empty just praying for rain
        G      A
I'll be better someday someday

Chorus 2:
So I reach out at least to myself
Cause when you're hurting it's hard to help
And I can't stand to be alone or with anyone
So I don't wanna wake up
It's better to love yourself and everyone else
At least those that we love cause you never know
When things could change or just go away
C (Let Ring)
So I tell you I love you every day 
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