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Mixtapes - I Accept That chords

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Band: Mixtapes
Song: I Accept That
Album: Maps & Companions (2011)

No Capo, Standard Tuning (Capo 1 works out also, I believe)


Remember when I called you cause Abby was wasted
And didn't know how to get home
We drove around til she sobered up
And then I went home alone
It's kind of funny cause she married Ben
And I still see them every now and again
And I'm glad they're doing well
Sometimes I think I'm doing well too

C                 G                 F
Doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo

Remember when we realized how much we cared
But we still didn't talk for a couple of years
So you kept writing letters and I kept writing songs
But you can neither give up or admit it's wrong
It's kind of funny because most nights 
I've got so much on my mind but I feel alright 
or at least okay, but I still don't forget it
      G                                                      C
The longest night and the guilt that came with it

      C                   F
And I gotta believe something
I spent half my life trying to figure it out
            F                         G
And the other half trying to believe in nothing
Am            F                        G
And when I wrote this down, I cried
G                                      Am
And when we used to talk, I lied
                 C                    G
And when I say that I don't care
I think I'm starting to mean it
Am           F                      G
I'm picking up those pieces well
This night has gone to hell
               Am                 F
And we're all, "Let's talk about the past, 
G                             C          G
back when we were made to last"

C, G, Em, C,

And all I've got in this world
Is like thirty five dollars and small amount of skill
                F G A
So I don't mind
                  F G C
I'm staying home
                  F        G    Dm                             F C C
Avoiding the things that make me hate the most
                    F G A
You're on my mind
                        F C  C
Some night it's better
                   F G  Am
I can't feel worse than that it's all regret
I hope it doesn't last forever
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