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Miyavi - Itoshii Hito tab

Its my favorite song by Meevers (when im in a sappy mood, apart from that its are you 
to rock all teh way!!) And i cant find the tabs ANYWHERE on the internet, or maybe google 
me... Its very Accurate, but im sorry I cant give you further chords. He favours dead notes doesnt he?


Music was composed and preformed by Miyavi, While Liscenced and copyrighted at 
Only for Private study or Reasearch.


Track 1
V slaps


(strum this part slowly, tap base 4 times in ryhmn of TAP-tap...TAP-tap)

Tremolo Picking solo

on B and G strings

B 14 12 15 10 12 10 14

G 14 13 16 11 13 11 14


B 14 12 17 9 10 12 14 10

G 14 13 18 10 11 13 14 11

Link to LFX Live Preformance

Link to Newest Music Video (Mind that I think hes clad in something i cant belive he 
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