Mo Kenney - Sucker chords

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  From her self-titled debut (2012)

  Drop D (DADGBE) with Capo on 4.

  Hey, Im a sucker for your face 
  D                           F#m
  clear as a portrait in a frame
  F#m         G             D
  I thought I saw you yesterday
  F#m     G              D 
  in your car across the lake

  before you left me in this place (all by myself)
  you gave me a look that I could taste
  whyd you leave me in this place?
  whyd you have to go away?

    G           D        A      D
    through the door and to the glass
         G          D      A      D
    your eyes fixed on the sun at last
        D          G      Bm   G
    and now youre just a memory
        G   D         A           D
    of everything Id hoped youd be

 La, la-la-la la la-la...

     your eyes are like a big black hole
     the more I look the less I know
     so tell me what you learned from me
     no shut your mouth cause talk is cheap

 La la-la,la la-la...

 well, I stood in an empty street today
 carving your name into the clay
 whyd you have to go away?
 whyd you leave me in this way?

 Im a sucker for your face...

 Keep constant bass open 6 and 4 strings.
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