Moe - 32 Things tab

    p   s p s p p
d---3h5-x---0-3-5-|  Really cool intro riff
a-------x---------|  "the second pop on the third fret on the d string is
e-------x---------|   sort of muted"
  ss pp p          s
d----5x------------x--------------|  Cool Bridge thing
a-----------3/4/5--x-4/5-4/5-3/4--|  "double pluck the slides"

d---5-----3---3---------|  other cool bridge thing
a-----5-3---3---5-4-----|  "non-slap"

d--------------|  This over and over again at the end
a--------------|  "play it kind of fast and you can slap it if you want"

  this song is mostly in g blues if you want to make variations or figure
  out the ones in the song

  now there  is finally a 32 things bass tab on the internet so...
  you are welcome

  Submitted by Nate Matulis of the FUNKtion
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