Mojave 3 - Prayer For The Paranoid chords

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notation thanks to ‘Draken’
Capoed on 3
C G F Em
— — — —
0 0 0 0
1 0 1 0
0 0 2 0
2 0 3 2
3 2 3 2
x 3 x/1 0
— — — —

The album version follows a simple picking pattern, which should be easy enough for you 
figure out. Most live versions that I have heard just strum the chords.

Note: When you play a G, hammer on the B string before going to F.
I also tend to hammer off the D string before changing from F to C

[C]I´ll send you a [G]letter
From the [F]frontline
[C]Please send app[G]lause
And some [F]good advice
[C]You were born with a [G]compass
A map on your [F]table
[C]Tell me how did you [G]find out
Your bearings were [F]wrong

Just [C]pray [G]for [F]us
pray for [C]sunshine [G]
These [C]days [G]are [F]cold
and I´m missing [C]you [G]
The [F]city is no place to [Em]lose
Ah, But [F]I never thought
I could [Em]choose
It was [F]plain from the start,
plain from the start,
I was [G]playing for time

I need [C]laughter and love
[G]some special drug
I need [F]ciggarettes

There´s [C]killers behind us
[G]Devils ahead
Send pro[F]tection
I will [C]drown in this city
I will [G]drown in this trench
Built [F]for us
And the [C]only thing left
Yeah the [G]only thing left
Is the [F]running

And these [C]clouds keep on rolling
and [G]I , I don´t know [F]why
Take this [C]guitar out of my [G]hands
I sur[F]render
This [C]town don´t need drunkards
Or [G]singers of bad poe[F]try
Thay need [C]dancing and drugs and [G]laughter
and we don´t have [F]them

Just [C]pray [G]for [F]us
pray for [C]sunshine [G]
These [C]days [G]are [F]cold
and I´m missing [C]you [G]
This [F]letter was meant for your [Em]eyes
Des[F]troy it and then
Just go [Em]hide

You´re the [F]only thing left
That makes any sense
Please don´t [G]blow it

© 4AD, Written by Neil Halstead
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