Molly Tuttle - Walden chords

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I appreciate these chords are probably mislabled especially D/Gsus, I don't
actually know what the proper chord names are, but the tab below gives the
correct chords corresponding to those that I've scribed. It also shows where 
hammers are used. I've not tabbed the solo parts - for this, strumming
pattern and extra hammers check out the vid on youtube. 

     Em7     C2       G     Dsus     Em7     Gsus     

    Em7                    C2
The life in us is like the water in a river
       G                           Dsus
It may rise this year, it may rise higher
Than man has ever known
       Em7                 C2
It may come to pass that immortal flowing river
    G                       Dsus
May rise so high, flood the mountainside
To the valleys down below

Em7  C2  G  Dsus

(Chorus 1)
    Bm                          C                 G      Dsus
The land where we dwell has not always been dry I see
    Em7                    C2                    C2      Gsus (lightly)
Far inland banks that were washed by the ancient stream

(Solo - not tabbed)

    Em7                     C2
The sun up above shines its fury on the prairie
          G                     Dsus        
You can't hide from it, you can try it
But you'll never get away
         Em7                    C2
And they sow the fields but the clouds have all forsaken
            G                  Dsus
And they've taken all, no more water fall
'Til the earth has turned to clay

Em7  C2  G  Dsus

(Chord pattern repeats, same as above)

(Chorus 2)

Long after we're gone still the earth will turn round and round
and all we've created will crumble into the ground

I see it all from where I'm standing on the mountain
Hear the valleys' cry, still some question why and they cannot see the way
We're digging graves every day they're getting deeper, for the birds that fly 
through the darkened sky, will there be another day?

(Chorus 1)

The life in us is like the water in a river
It may rise this year, it may rise higher
Than man has ever known
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