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Momus - Nervous Heartbeat chords

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I have a few doubts, especially about those A's. This is my own interpretation of the 
I am not Momus or affiliated with him in any way. Thank you.

Intro/strings: C E Am/G C/G7

C	       E
Crying, shiku shiku
    A		     D

Reluctantly, shibu shibu

     E7   	    Am
Repeatedly, tabi tabi

          Dm	    G
Just in time, giri giri
        Am               Dm

Hara hara, nervous heartbeat

   F			 G
Kira kira, glittering sparkle

     C		       				  E
Chika chika, the flickering light of the stars

       Am					  D7
Doki doki, the hammering beat of my heart


I'm messed up, mecha mecha

But you laugh, gera gera

In the lightning, goro goro

And your eyes, pika pika

Kisu kisu by the river

Gusha gusha, that flows so slow

Zaa zaa, in the sound of the pouring rain

Chiku chiku, when will I see you again?
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