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Money Mark - Rock In The Rain tab

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Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 23:37:18 +0100
From: Ben Smith 
Subject: m/money_mark/rock_in_the_rain.crd

Rock In The Rain - Money Mark
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Writen by Mark Ramos-Nishita
On the album "Push The Button"

Transcribed by Ben Smith (ben.ufton@pop3.hiway)

E Ab A D

Wheels turn
Ab                   A
Every place I go the people burn it
I just say no
    B         F#
And in return
I just tell them I'm a rock in the rain

People change
Ab                A
Here I am, just a rock in the rain
D			  B
The world is always re-aranging
and I don't know if I can
I'm just a rock in the rain
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