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Monkees - Carlisle Wheeling chords

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C                             D
In a long and involved conversation with myself
  F                        C
I saw precious things come into view
C                                     D
When I poured through the files taken off my mental shelf
  F                C
I dusted off some memories of you
       Em                          Am
Then I thought about the time when our affair was green
        Em                          Am
How the phoenix of our love first flapped its silken wings
 F                   G             Em              A           
All the urgency and passion of each new day as it happened
 F             G         C
And how it all mellowed as it grew
C                                 D
I remembered the times that our laughter would explode
F                      C
And how you would turn to hide your smile
C                                  D
Then the hours of silence while a perfumed candle glowed
F                       C
And both our thoughts meandered on for miles
Em                             Am 
I remember the time I said I really had to go
Em                              Am
I remember the tears that filled your eyes
F                  G         C
Then I touched your hand and told you
Em                 A
That it really was a lie
F                        G              C
And though you never knew it, dear, I cried
C                             D 
It's amazing how time can so softly change your ways
F                                       C
And make you look at things that can't be seen
C                                  D
And how the years that roll by can start you listening
F                                     C
Not just to what they say, but what they mean
Em                           Am
So forgive me, my dear, if I seem preoccupied
    Em                                 Am 
And if the razor edge of youth-filled love is gone
F                 G                C                F
But we're both a little older, our relationship has grown
F                                        C
Not just in how it's shaped, but how it's shown
Fade out with 
F    G    C
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