Monkees - Zor And Zam chords

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I could only find one tab of this song, and it was all jumbled in the html. Here 
it is as I understand it. There are at least two versions of this song, but this 
tab should help you figure out whichever one you want to work with.

For the E m6 add9, just play 044000 and slide the Em around with no bar. It 
doesn't feel like it should work, but it does.

Zor & Zam

  Em           D   G             A
  The King of Zor, he called for war     
  Em              D       A    B
  And the King of Zam, he answered    
  Em                   D        G        A
  They fashioned their weapons, one upon one 
  C        D
  Ton upon ton       
  A               B          D           Em                        
  They called for war at the rise of the sun.
Em      E m6 add9   Em     open     Em

  Em           D     G            A
  Out went the call, to one and to all    
  Em              D               A   B
  That echoed and rolled like the thunder 
  Em           D      G         A
  Trumpets and drums, roar upon roar,     
  C         D        
  More upon more          
  A           B       D           Em            
  Rolling the call of come now to war.
Em      E m6 add9    Em    open   Em                                         

  Em             D           G               A
  Throughout the night, they fashioned their might      
  Em                D           A   B
  With right on the side of the mighty    
  Em                 D      G         A
  They puzzled their minds, plan upon plan    
  C        D  
  Man upon man                            
  A               B     D             Em             
  In the dying of dawn, the Great War began.    
Em      E m6 add9   Em     open     Em 
  Em              D            G         A
  They met on the battlefield, banner in hand 
  Em              D          A      B
  They looked out across the vacant land  
  Em                   D        G        A
  and they counted the missing, one upon one 
  C         D
  None upon none       
  A               B    D         Em                                   
  The war, it was over before it begun    
  G          A      C         D
  Two little kings, playing a game  
  A           B        D            
  They gave a war, and nobody    
  Em      E m6 add9   Em     open     Em               
  came.   And nobody      
  Em      E m6 add9   Em     open     Em                      
  came.   And nobody    
  came.   And nobody    
  came.           Nobody   
  came.           Nobody    
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