Monochrome Set - The Jet Set Junta chords

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Intro: Em

Tick, tock, go the death watch beetles in ťl presidenteís swill
Pop, pop, goes the Cliquot magnum at the reading of the will
            Em                                     C        B
Hiss, hiss, goes the snakeskin wallet stuffed with Cruziero bills

        Em    G   A   C   Em     G  A  C 
Here we come, the jet set junta 
        Em    G   A   C   A      B   
Here we come, the jet set junta

Broom, broom, goes the armoured Cadillac through Montevideo
Rat-a-tat goes the sub-machine gun to restore the status quo
            Em                              C               B
Snip, snip, go the tailorís scissors on the suit in Saville Row


Guitar Solo

Thud, thud, goes the rubber truncheon on the Indian peonís heel
Buzz, buzz, go the brass electrodes as the flesh begins to peel
        Em                                C                  B        
Rattle, rattle, goes the bullet round and round the roulette wheel

Finish on Em
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