Monsters Of Folk - Magic Marker tab

I tabbed out the chords yesterday and did my best to figure out the solo today.  
Sounds dec. close.


e |---------0h2-3-2-0---------------------0h2-3-2-0---0-2-3-2-0-----3-3-2-|
b |-----2-3----------3-3b--------------2-3----------3-----------3-2-------|
g |-2-4-------------------2h4-2-----2-4-----------------------------------|
d |----------------------------4------------------------------------------|
a |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|

e |-3-2-0-----0-0---------------------|
b |-------3-2-----3-------------------|
g |-----------------------------------|
d |------------------5-5-4-4-2-2-4-4--|
a |-----------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------|
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