Monsters Of Folk - The Right Place chords

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Capo on 5

                                             A             B
Do you like where you’re living? 
Do you like what you do?
                                         A            B
Do you like what you’re seeing . . .
When you’re lookin’ at you? 
                                         A           B
Do you like what you’re saying . . .
When you open your face? 
                                    A          B
Do you got the right feeling? 
Are you in the right place? 


E                                 C#                               B    A     B    E
Stealin’ a tusk from an elephant must make one feel creepy inside. 
E                                                               C#
And although you’ll boast around the fire at night . . . 
A                        B                    E
That ghost will kick up a fight.
A              B                          E 
“Be gone? Be gone?”, you scream . . . 
A                 B                         E
You’re just some elephant dream . . . 
A                    B                        C#
I needed you like you needed me . . . 
A                   B                       E
People, they need piano keys. 

Continue on playing the chorus and verse respectively 
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