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Montrose - I Got The Fire tab

Subject: m/montrose/i_got_the_fire.crd

Artist: Montrose
Title: I Got The Fire
Album: Paper Money

Composed by Ronnie Montrose
Lyrics at Sammy Hagar's official site:
Tabbed by music man

You can follow the bass on open A during the verses.

Tab: Guitar
Tuning: Standard

Main riff/chorus
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e ---------------------------------------------------I
B ------------------------------------------5--7--2--I
G --------5-5-------5---7-5-----------------5--7--2--I
D ----5-7-5-5-7-5-7-5-7-----7-5-------------5--7--2--I
A --7-5-7-----7-5-7---7---------7-6-5-3-0---------0--I
E --7------------------------------------------------I
                                            C  D  A


e -----------------------------------------------------I
B -------2---5---7---2-------2---5---7---2---5-2--0-2--I
G -------2---5---7---2-------2---5---7---2---5-2--0-2--I
D -------2---5---7---2-------2---5---7---2---5-2--0-2--I
A ------(0)---------(0)-----(0)---------(0)------------I
E -(3)-------------------3-----------------------------I
         A   C   D   A       A   C   D   A   C A  G A

Verse end

e ------------------------I
B ------2---5---7-----8---I
G ------2---5---7-----7---I
D ------2---5---7-----6---I
A -----(0)------------7---I
E --3---------------------I
        A   C   D     E7#9

:) :) :) happy playing 

sammi is god!!!

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