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Moonpools And Caterpillars - Colossal Youth tab

Tabbed By: Jobo K a.k.a jobski
Tabbed On: July 6, 2002 @ 5:42pm and done at July 6, 2002 @
Song: Colossal Youth
Artist: Moonpools And Catterpillars
Tuning: Standard EADGBE

I Just Tabbed The Intro.. I Just Made This For My Love For Trixie.

Effects Used: Nothing.. Just Pure Clean Guitar Play
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B|-------------------| Figure out For Yourself
G|-------------------| On How Many Times TO Play This
D|------7-7-5-5-4-4--| This Is Just From Memory

B|-----------------| Here Goes The End Fill
G|-----------------| Of The Intro
D|----7---7~~~~~~--| ~ = Vibrato/Let Ring

I Love You Trix.. That's All.. Come Back!
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