Morning Musume - Go Girl Koi No Victory tab

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Go girl! Koi no victory

E/G#  F#-7  G#-7(add#5)  A (M7)  B7 

E/G#  F#-7  G#-7(add#5)  A   B7


E  (E/A)   B  (B/C#)  G#  (G#/C)   

C#- (sus4, 3, 7sus2)   A   B7  (x2)

E  (descending ionian mode)

(This part is easy to look at. It's a disco rhythm. Try imitating also 
some of the electronic stuff with the guitar and you'll get better results)

G  A-  B-  C    D 

(De attara sugu koi ni natta...)
G  D    

G  D  (D7)

(Ai wo install shita hi wa...)
G  E-  C   D

G  E-  C   D   C  B7 (b9add6)

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus and Verse, 

B  C  B  C  G     D     C 

(I'm in love, you go boy)
D (D7)

Repeat Verse, Chorus and theme (V! V!)

hint: that number 3 means the major interval of third, of which sus2 and sus4 come from 
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