Morning Musume - Osaka Koi No Uta tab

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Oosaka koi no uta
Composer: Tsunku
Arrangement: Suzuki "Daichi" Hideyuki.

I think this song doesn't work very well using one single guitar.
You'll propably need a partner who can play fifths or arpeggi/solos along.


F-7  C7
F-7  C7  F-7  (Ab)

Db (M7)  Db/F    F-7    Ab
Db     C7 (/G)   
F-(/C)  Eb (/Bb)  F-7/C  Db (M7) 
G-7b5(/Bb) C7b9

F-7   Bb-7   C7    F-7  Bb-7  Eb7
F-7   Bb-7   C   C7  Db   C7    F-7  
Repeat Verse, PreChorus and Chorus

Repeat Chorus chords while solo, then repeat Chorus (x2) again

Db C7 F-7

Repeat Chorus (x2) chords one more time (...Ah, Aaah...)

Repeat Cadence twice.
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