Morning Musume - Roman My Dear Boy tab

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Roman -my dear boy-
Author: Tsunku
Arrangement: Suzuki Shunsuke.

This song rocks 

C-7  C11  (x6) 

C-7    AbM9   Bb6 (add9) (x2)  C-  Bb(7)


Eb  Bb/D C- Ab Bb
C- Bb Ab         Bb

Eb  Bb/D  C- Ab Bb
C- Bb G C-      (Eb/G)*

Ab  Bb7   
Eb  Bb/D   C
Ab  D  G  Bb7

Eb  D7  G-  G-/Bb C 
Ab  Bb  Eb  G Ab G Bb 
Eb  D   G-  G-/Bb C Ab  Bb  C- (7)
Ab  Bb  Csus4 C  Csus2 C-

Ab Bb5 (x2)
C- (/F)  
Ab Bb5  G  Bb (7)

Repeat Verse, Prechorus and Chorus

Final chord: AbM7

Bb6add9: 6x556x
Bb6:  6x576x
C11: x3333x

* you'll have to wait until last downbeat of the measure to play this chord.
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