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Morning Musume - Namida Ga Tomaranai Houkago tab

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Namida ga tomaranai houkago or
Tears that won't stop after school (2004)

Lyrics and music: Tsunku
Arrangement by: Shunsuke Suzuki

I've realized this song works if it's appropriately performed.


C  E-  A- (9/C)
D-7  G  C  G7
C  E   FM7  F#-7b5 
D-7  D7  

1.C  CM9  F/C  F-/C

(A tempo)
2.C   E-  F  E- 
D-  G7  C  E7
C   E-  F  E-
D-  G7  C (sus4) CM7  
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FM7 x E-7  D-  G7  CM7
D-11 G7  C  E
FM7 x E-7  D-  G7  CM7
B-7b5  E7(sus4)  G

Repeat Chorus, Verse, Prechorus and Chorus

C  E-  A-  C7
F  F-  E-  A-
D-(7)  G7

Repeat Chorus

C  G#7
Db  F-  Bb-7 (9/Db)
Eb-7  Ab  Db  Ab
Db  F   GbM7  G-7b5 
Eb-7  Eb7  
Db  F-  Bb-  Db7
Gb  Gb-  

Db DbM9  Gb/Db  Gb-/Db (x2)  Db

Gsus4:  355533 or 330033
D-11:    x5556x or xx0011
D-7/F:  1x0211
CM9:   x35433 or x32430
F#-7b5:  2x2210
G-7b5: 3x332x

x means silence or mute strings.
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