Morrissey - Lifeguard Sleeping Girl Drowning tab

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lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning
by Morrissey

Transcribed by Chris Poole
repeat when  necessary and listen to the song for the strum pattern
Any suggestions email www.myspace/chrisp007


G am D C A

     D        C         am           F         A          

Always looking for attention, always needs to be mentioned, who does 

       D      A

She think she should be?

     D        C         am          F          A      

The shrill cry, through darkening air, doesn't she know He's had 
     D        A

such a busy day?

   am    F   G   am   C

Tell her shhhhhhhh. 

Somebody tell her shhhhhhh. 

D     C      A     G     F     E     D


G       C      F       A 

      D         C          am           F            A   D   A 

It was only a test, but she swam to far against the tide, she deserves 

all she gets.

      D        C          am           F            A     D    A
The sky, became mad with stars, as an outstretched arm, slowly 


   am      F       G       am      C


D    C     A    G    F    E     D       G   C     F    A 

NOO OOOO THERES NO MOVEMENT....   no  movement   oh 

     G      am     D     C      A

please don't worry, there'll be no fuss

she was

nobody's nothing. 
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