Morrissey - Suedehead chords

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I know there are existing versions of this, but this is derived from existing versions. 
This is just how I play it, and I think it sounds okay so I thought I may as well post 
it and there are alternatives if you think this one is a bit shit. Viva Morrissey!

Intro; E F#m G D x2

A          G
             Why do you come here

A      D A D A D (basically just 
alternate between the two quickly)
And why-y-y-y-y

A                  D
Why do you hang around

G        Bm
I'm so sorry

G Am

G E D E D (alternate like in the intro)
I'm so so-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

It's more or less the same from here, except with the whole 'I'm so very sickened' just 
play the intro and on the outro just play 'E F#m G D-G-D'. Alternate on the G and D.

Hope it's okay! enjoy.
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