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Morten Abel - Our Love Is Deep tab

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                        Our Love Is Deep - Morten Abel
Tabbed By: Me.

By: M.Abel

Album: Morten Abel (Best of) & Single

Awesomness: Extremely High!

Capo on 5th Fret.

Intro: G Bm A D x4
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G               Bm             A    D
Your knees are shaking, I can hear it
G               Bm         A      D
Your heart is beating a nerveous beat
G              Bm          A           D
Your voice is speaking in an strange tune
G      Bm        A      D
Baby please come home soon


Pre Ref:
Why is everybody leaving? (ooh)
You're just trying to do your own thing
Bm                                            D   A   G
*And you couldn't have it any other way

D            A
Our Love is deep
(so deep)
D                   A
Deeper than God's will x2

Bass Solo:
G Bm A D x4



Pre Ref:

Our Love is deep
(so deep)
Deeper than God's will x4
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