Mother Mother - Ghosting tab

  The first hand position can be a little tricky but once you get it it sounds perfect :D
I put my middle finger on the low E string, Index on the D string, Ring finger on 
the G string, and
Little finger on the A string. 

 ENJOY!!!    (I'll add the rest of the song later)
 e |-----------------------------------------------------------|
 B |-----------------------------------------------------------|
 G |--8--------8--------8---------8-------8---------8----------|
 D |-------6-----------------6-----------------6---------------|
 A |-----9------9----------9-------9---------9-------9---------|
 E |--7------7----------7-------7---------7-------7------------|

 e |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
 B |------------0-------------------------------------------------------0---|
 G |---8-----------------8--------8-------8--------8-------8--------8-------|
 D |--------6-----------------6----------------6----------------6-----------|
 A |------9--------9--------9-------9--------9-------9--------9-------------|
 E |---7------7----------7------7---------7------7---------7------7-----7---|
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