Mount Moriah - Social Wedding Rings chords

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Mount Moriah -- "Social Wedding Rings"
From the self-titled record

CAPO I (1st Fret)

Am: X-0-2-2-1-0
Am2: 5-7-7-5-5-5
F: 1-3-3-2-1-1
G: 3-5-5-4-3-3
Dm: X-5-7-7-6-5

Intro: [Am] [F] [Am] [F]

In a [Am] motel room in Colorado Springs
[F] We learned what impatience brings
To [Am] women who fool [F] around

[Am] That summer was a strung-out mess
And [F] you swore to God you had the perfect fix
And a [Am] plan to get us [F] out

You said, [Am2] "Don't you [G] turn a[F]round"
[Am2] "Leave your strings [G] at the door and [F] just walk out"

[Am] [F] [Am] [F]

[Am] I sat in the living room 
And [F] watched your girlfriend pack her things
To [Am] move away from [F] you

[Am] Our record, Buffy Sainte-Marie 
And we [F] held hands and cried 
'Til we could [Am] see any[F]thing

You said, [Am2] "Don't you [G] turn a[F]round"
[Am2] "You wouldn't like [G] what you found out here [F] anyhow"

[Am] [F] [Am] [F]

So I [Am] took a redeye from the Bay
[F] Watched you watch the taxi 
Pull a[Am]way from Mission [F] Street

[Am] The next time we would meet 
Would be a [F] train wreck of nerves and sexless sleep
Mis[Am]takes made into [F] hymns

I said, [Am2] "Don't you [G] make a [F] sound"
[Am2] "Nothing's careful in [G] desire, [F] especially now"

[Am] [F] [Am] [F]

[Dm] There were no accidents
[G] We asked for this, but the [F] South is not out [G] West
[Dm]There's nothing gentle [G] about our stomachs full of gin
[F] We are alive and we have no [G] rest
[G] Oooo[Am]ooh

[F] [Am] [F]

In a [Am] farmhouse in the Piedmont hills
[F] We learned what impatience wills
To [Am] women who have fooled [F] around

[Am] If thievery has a voice to sing
It's the [F] choice and sound of moving hands 
Over [Am] social wedding [F] rings

You said, [Am2] "Don't you [G] turn a[F]round"
[Am2]"Leave your strings [G] at the door and [F] just walk [Am] out"
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