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Mountain Blue - Lets Go Runnin tab

e: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 10:14:57 -0500
From: Clyde McGee 
Subject: b/mountain_blue/lets_go_runnin.crd

Artist: Blue Mountain
Song: Let's Go Runnin
Album: Dog Days
Tabbed by: Clyde McGee
Once again this is the standard tuning version.  It sounds right but you
pick the whole time but I will just put the chords the whole time.
  G  C2 D  C1
e 2  2  2  0
B 2  2  3  1
G 0  0  2  0
D 0  2  0  2
A 2  3  0  3
E 3  0  0  0
G(picking) C2(picking) 4 times
Verse 1:
G       C2
  Your mother's dead
G       C2
 I know a flower's round her head
G       C2 2times
G       C2
Your inheritance
G       C2
Left you nothing but her debts
G       C2 2times
D              C1                G     C2                
    Let's go runnin through open fields in the summer rain
G       C2
D              C1               
    Let's go runnin to a better place
G              C2 3times
Verse 2:
G                C2
  Now I sleep on dirty mattresses
G               C2
    Just like a dog on the run
G               C2 2times
G                    C2
See my world through dirty glasses 
G               C2
                Starin up at the sun
Solo: don't know it
Verse 3:
G                     C2
  Have you ever met a stranger 
G      C2                    
On the corner of your bed
G      C2 2Times
G           C2
   Tried to rearrange her
G        C2
Just got desperate instead
G        C2 4times
end on G
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