Mountain Goats - So Desperate chords

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Intro: D

Verse 1:
D                      Bm
We were parked in your car
       G               D
In our neutral meeting place
    G            A
The Episcopalian church yard
D                       Bm
I had things I had been meaning to say
           G               D
But in the dazzling winter sunlight
        G              A
I could feel them melt away
And through the warm radio static
I couldnít hear my stage directions
        C                     G            A
And the fog on the windshield obscured our sad reflections

D         A
I felt so desperate    Riff:
        G		    D|--4-2-0-2--4-2--0--
In your arms
D         A
I felt so desperate
In your arms

Verse 2(same as 1):
We were parked near some trees
And the moonlight soaked the branches in ever deepening degrees
Had my hand in your hair
Trying to keep my cool
Til it became to much to bear
When we cracked the windows open
Well the air was just so sweet
We could hear the cars ten feet away
Out there on the street

I felt so desperate
In your arms
I felt so desperate
In your arms
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