Mountain Goats - Balance chords

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E C G D x2

E                   C              G                 D
Two tall glasses of sweet iced tea, underneath the sweet gum tree
        E                     C    
And the love we once nurtured, you and me
G              D     
Disintegrating violently
Stick your tongue out 
Catch the pieces as they drift down the air
I am too slow to catch them all
 D                   F#
Not too far gone to care

E C G D x2

E                           C
Two slow summer hours spent picking at the bones
G                           D
Figuring the interest on delinquent loans
E                      C
Speaking in sad and mournful tones
G                             D
Trying to squeeze tears out of mute stones
Wet your finger, place it toward the wind
Feel disaster in the air
We are far too slow to outrun it now
D                     F#
Not too far gone to care

E C G D x4

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