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G Am B-Am-G (x4)

G                     Am   B-Am-G
the summer crawled by indetectably.
and then i saw you looking down to me.
and your earrings sparkled in the noon-day sun,
G                               Am    B
and though it's very true that i love everyone,
with every ounce of energy left in me,
C          D  
i love you especially because

G         Am B-Am-G    
i saw you, 
G         Am B-Am-G
coming through

G         Am B-Am-G
the screen door
G            Am B
on the second floor,
up on the balcony.

it was hard to even see you at all,
because the air was thick with alcohol
so i kept on rubbing my eyes,
for all the good it did me,
for all the immeasurable good it did me,
let the years come and take away my memory,
i will not forget the shock that ran through me when,

i saw you, coming through
the screen door on the second floor,
up on the balcony.
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