Mountain Goats - Onions chords

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Short and sweet song. Real easy to play. He's tuned a bit off in the recording so 
it's hard to play along with.

|E   |A   |   X2

   the last white slabs of snow
   melted off seven weeks ago.
   and the geese are headed north again
   through the tightening sky,
          E                   B
and i can feel my heart in my throat again
E                            A
   new onions growing in the ground.

|E   |A   |   X2

   the cows come gingerly out of the barn,
   and when they see that the ground is warm,
they pick up a little speed, it makes me feel so good,
and i feel it rushing down my throat -- fresh blood,
       E                       B
i head out onto the earth, its cold heart is melting,
E                        A
   i don't know if i can stand it.
             E                            B
springtime's coming, that means you'll be coming back around.
E                          A                   
   new onions growing underground, underground.

|E   |A   |   X5

Ends on E
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