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Mountain Goats - Magpie tab

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This is pretty much all correct. I am a little uncertain of the D chord in the verse. If 
D doesn't work for you, try a B minor.

Intro: Em G D Em  x2

Em                      G
Feed the kittens in the kitchen
D                    Em
Set food out for the strays
Em                  G
Try hard to do your best
    D                    Em
The magpie will have his way

Em  G  D  Em  x2

Em                   G
Fill your mouth with berries
       D                Em
By the full light of the moon
Em                    G
Work all night if you have to
    D               Em
The magpie comes at noon


Em  Bm  A  Em   x4

Em               G
Shore up the crucifixes
          D                Em
Above the archways and the doors
    Em                  G
The magpie will come at midday
             D              Em
And you will go down on all fours

Em  G  D  Em  x2

Em                               G
And when the cherry's white with blossoms
   D            Em
Be ready and be brave
Em                   G
And remember what we had here
               D                 Em
When there was something left to save


Em  Bm  A  Em  x4
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