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Mountain Goats - Pet Politics tab

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This is The Mountain Goats' cover of the Silver Jews' song.

tab by Dan  dtrom4 at aol dot com

Em                     Am
Guard my bed while the rain turns the ditches to mirrors
buy a vase of carnations from central Ohio
where the looking machine can't hear us

Deep in the night we dream of positions
there's a line for the phone in the hall
and in the cold places where Spanish is spoken
most wars end in the fall
C                         G   Bm   Em
You never know where your pet will go
G D G D G D Em
pet politics

Still wearing last nights' mascara
now that her pet was gone for sure
she was shivering so hard 
it looked like there were two of her
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I could see through the sleeve of her blouse
the mute plans of her architect lover
a tattoo of a boarded-up house
and ink door that belonged to another
C                         G    Bm  Em
When the rain hits you it hits you slow
G D G D G D Em
stitch after stitch

Adam was not the first man 'though the Bible tells us so
There was one created before him, whose name we do not know
He also lived in the garden
but he had no mouth or eyes
One day Adam came to kill him
and he died beneath these skies

I find it so amazing how
I go where I'm led (x2)

C                     G Bm   Em
I suspect we could be losing now
G D G D G D Em
please guard my bed (x3)
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