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Mouse And The Traps - Public Execution tab

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PUBLIC EXECUTION - Mouse and the Traps

ďYou better get yourself a welder, babe!Ē Ronnie ďMouseĒ Weiss and his band from Texas
quite a few people believing this was Dylan himself singing.  Lenny Kaye stated of this
"There are some who say that Mouse does Dylan's Highway 61 period better than the Master 
 Baring more than a passing resembalence to ďLike a Rolling StoneĒ with the
and drawn out vocals, it reached #121 on Billboard in 1966.

Riff fig.
12-string electric guitar

Intro chords: C / F / G / F x2
	C		 F
Some things are best not spoken
     G                        F
Some things are better left unsaid
    C             F              G
But since this is your public execution
   F                      G
I think Iíll go right on ahead

    C                    F
The mailman brought your letter, babe
          G               F
Where you told me how you feel
        C                 F
And the things he said he told you
     G             F
That is Iím such a heel
C                F
I could never be honest
       G               F
And to you Iíve always lied
     C                F
They saw me take some other hide
      F                G
For a two-wheeled pony ride----


F                       G
You at least might have asked me
        F                        G
If the scene was really what it seemed
           C           F       G
But like a queen ruled by her jester
     F                G
Your conclusion was a scheme

You said I disappointed you
Whereby all the things I done
That you had convinced yourself
I was the only one
Really make you happy
Satisfy your soul
Now you say Iíve failed
Since we split up all my gold---



Have you ever seen the truth before
Have you ever even made a try
Such I thing for you so impossible
With them themes all in your eyes

Whoa, I laughed when you said you had
One chance to really put me down
And how you loved to smear my name
All over my own town
Said some Mouse made a fool of you
And said donít waste a dime
Your phone is out of order now, babe,
For me you got no time----



If this is really what your thinkiní
That itís really, really all my fault
Then you better find yourself a welder, baby
                                G        G#
Cause you got locked up in your vault---

[All chords modulate up Ĺ step]

Yeah, you got your point put over now
It seems youíve found a match
Burn the bridge behind you, babe
Slam your door, throw the latch
I know just how your hurtiní
From your feelings as they burn
Iíd like to say Iím sorry
But itís no longer my concern---

[Riff up Ĺ step from riff fig.]

So goodbye
Go on and have a real good cry
I've found me a brand new high
She just loves a two-wheel pony ride
You better get yourself a welder, babe
Go on, get out of here...

A garage classic by grainofsand
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