Moving Mountains - Where Two Bodies Lie Acoustic chords

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Tuning: (DADF#Ae)

*Listen to the song for strum pattern.
*Chords are placed over appropriate syllables when applicable.
*During the Intro and the Interlude in 4/4 time, one "-" or any letter represents one beat.
*During the Interlude in 6/8 time, one "-" or any letter represents a 1/16th note,
due to the offbeat chord change. (same speed as the lead guitar Riff before the climax 
of the song)

Chords Used:
      D   E   F#m G   G#* A   Bm

Intro: |D---D---F#m-E-A-| 4X

Bm                         D                    F#m             E
   When you don't see the fall, you'll know by now just how it feels
                  Bm                  D                 F#m
"Well you've got more to learn from this." I heard you say
               G             D --
You laid your hands upon my face

-- D     F#m   E  A   D --
        Don't forget me
-- D       F#m   E  A   D --
        I won't forget you
-- D            F#m E    A     D --
        Parked cars and night fall
-- D      F#m  E       A      XXX
        Places that remember you

Bm                    D                             F#m          E
   We walk along the path, we've walked a thousand times in our past
                 Bm                  D               F#m
Well you've got more to learn from this. So hold my hand, and hold your

Interlude: |Bm-------A---G#*-F#m-|Bm-------A-------| 3X

         F#m     G#*            A
Because you mean everything to me
         F#m      E              D
So just let go of everything between
       F#m      G#*      A
I am scared of dying so bad
            F#m     E   D
But aren't we all scared?


Outro: 4X (1st time without vocals)
D                F#m
  Someday we'll find
D                   F#m  E
  Our hearts will align, Ohhoh
D                   A
  and burn all the way
Burn with time, Oh

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