Mr Hudson - Central Park Acoustic chords

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First few horns and the squeak of brakes
Knock on the door and the city wakes

    Bm  G
But you, you're still sleeping
    Bm  G
And you, you're in love

Painting a pretty picture
How I wish, more of this were drew

    Bm  G
But you, you're in London
    Bm  G
And you, you're still in love

Fuck this, imma go out walking
Rent a bike and make a few laps in Central Park in the dark

Bm		G
Love is just a memory
D		 A	     Bm   G	   D   A
Love along the shadow in my heart, in my heart

This is where you'll stay, while I'm at the Hudson
I'd like to see my name above the door

       Bm  G		     D
It says we, we're still in Brooklyn
   Bm 	              G			D
And we, we're never in but you're always welcome
        A		Bm      A  Bm  G D A
If you run out of dough you know
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