Mr Seley - If I Was An Oyster chords

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If I Was an Oyster
By: Tom Seley

E       F#m          A          A
E       F#m          A          B
C#m     B
A       F#m	     E
A       F#m	     E

E             F#m               A               E
If I was an oyster, I’d close right up and be shy
A                F#m                             E
Down there at the bottom the deep blue sea
E               F#m             A                E
Mindin’ my own business while the fish, they go swimmin’ by
A               F#m                              E
Cruisin’ around in schools above me

E         F#m           A
Life’s too short to be shy
E        F#m            A        B
It’s over in the blink of an eye
It’s a fabulous world
Full of all kinds of people
A                F#m            E
(You can) get to know them in good time
You can get to know them in good time

When I was a kid, I used to sit at the side of the playground
And watch all the kids playin’ games and runnin all around
Then the bell would ring and we would line up—go inside
I would think I could’ve made some friends if I just tried (if I just tried)


They say they best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago
But the second best time is right now today
Crawlin’ all out of your shell can be slow, so I know
If your try, you’ll blink and bashfulness will just wash away 

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