Mr Seley - Best Friend The Dog Song chords

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Best Friend (The Dog Song)
By: Tom Seley
(I tuned the guitar a half-step down and played this song in the key of B on the album, 
I play it in C live)

You can scratch your own back
You donít have fleas
You stand up in my defense
When they make fun of me
You brush your own teeth
You donít bark a lot
You donít have a crazy name
Like Bingo, Fido or Spot

Dogs are good and dogs are nice
But they never spoke up and gave me good advice
You can take Ďem for walks and thereís tricks they can do
But I would rather hang out with you

   C            G         F            G
They say that a dog is a manís best friend
     F        G        C
But my best friend is you

When you fall
Itís always nice to have a friend
To be there when you hit the ground
To pick you back up again
Like when my car broke down
I knew all I had to do was call your phone
If you were a dog,
I would to had to hoof it on home alone


Solo Verse


You can roll over once
But you donít play dead
You have all kinds of brains and thoughts
Rollin around in your head
We have the funniest conversations
Laughiní all day long
I know that itís just understood
But it sounds better in a song
And if you like it you can sing along

Double Chorus
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