Mr Seley - Dont Take My Hat chords

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Donít Take My Hat
By: Tom Seley
                         A Chord    E7 Chord

You could take my (A) money
You could take my (D) credit cards
You could (A) take everything I own in this whole wide world
It wouldnít (E (7th fret)) be that hard
You could take my socks
You could take my shoes
You could tell me what I call reality
Is just a ruse

But donít take my (A) hat
Leave it on my (low E) head
It keeps my (F#m) forehead from turniní (D) red
It keeps the (A) rain from pouriní (low E) down
Itís the (F#m) original American (D) crown

You could take my house
You could take my car
You could take my laptop
You could take my guitar (well, maybe not the guitar)
You could take my television set
So shiny and new
You could take my cable box
And a coupla old cans of soup


The one thing I learned from all this is that if you have a hill to climb, waiting wonít 
it any smaller.
And if you ainít met yer match ya ainít looked hard enough
They tell me that a wishbone ainít no substitute for a backbone, and I believe itís true
Any cowboy can carry a tune.  The trouble just comes when he tries to unload it.
Andówhen in doubtólet your horse do the thinkiní


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