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Mullet - Gone South tab

This band is on the rise, so I thought I would tab their stuff because they are going to be BIG.

Guitar 1 Riff 1

Guitar 2  Riff 1
                     B                       C#                       A                      E

B              C#           B            A
Waiting?????..for you                      (Guitar RiFF 1 through whole verse)
B               C#          A            E
Waiting for the push to pull through
B               C#          B            A
Hoping ????????it's true
B               C#          A            E
These feelings that I feel will go away just like you


B                C#         A            E
???????...I'll Carry On                              }Guitar 1 play:  4
B                C#        A             E         }                        4
????????.On my own                               }                        2
B                 C#       A             E
????????..I'll carry on                                }  Play the same as
B                 C#       A             E          }  Guitar 2
????????.I'm all alone                                }


Thinking?????how I should live
If I can't let you go, then I know that I can't give
Wondering????where I went wrong
Wondering why you're leaving me in this place for so long.


End with   A to E
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