Mumford And Sons - Lovers Eyes chords

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Intro: D D A D

Verse 1:
Love was kind, for a time
           A                      D
Now just aches, and it makes me blind
This mirrors holds my eyes too bright
              A                    D
That I can't see the others in my life

We too young and heads too strong
              A                       D
To bear the weight of these lover's eyes
Cuz I feel numb beneath your tongue
              A                     D
Beneath the curse of these lover's eyes.

Chorus 1:
            G               D            A                 D
But do not ask the price I pay, I must live with my quiet rage
            G           D             A                D
Tame the ghosts in my head that run wild and wish me dead
             G                   D
Should you shake my ash to the wind
         A             D
Lord forget all of my sins
           G           D                A                  D
Oh let me die where I lie beneath the curse of my lover's eyes

Break: D  G (3x)

Verse 2:
Cuz there's no drink or drug I've tried 
             A                      D
To rid the curse of these lover's eyes
And I feel numb beneath your tongue
                     A                    D
Your strength just makes me feel less strong


Break: D  G (3x)

Bridge: (2x)
             D           A   D
But I walk slow, I walk slow
         Bm           G       D
Take my hand, help me on my way.

Instrumental: D A D Bm G D (4x)

Bridge: (2x)
Outro: D D A D(3x)
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