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Mundy - 10000 Miles Away tab

                       '10,000 Miles Away'
                                           by Mundy

Capo 2nd Fret

G---2---------------0-----0-----------|    (Repeat)   


Verse 1:
The morning's warm, the air it tickles,
A breakfast roll of ham and pickles,
On the side-walk hair is braided,
The sun is broody and my body's jaded,
A plastic bottle of water warm,
I'm ten thousand miles away from harm.

Verse 2:
Burn your feet on hot cement,
The kiss is long and more frequent,
Have a beer for thirst not drunk,
And pack your bags into the trunk,
Draw a scribble on your lovers arm,
You're ten thousand miles away from harm.

C                                  D
Talk with strangers over coke and rum,
C                                      D   Fmaj7   D   Fmaj7
Well, should we go by train or go by thumb?

Verse 3:
The village dogs, they walk in dozens,
Making friends with their new cousins,
We make our way down to the waves,
And hear the whistling from the caves,
I could be back home on the farm,
But I'm ten thousand miles away from harm.
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