Murder By Death - The Devil Drives chords

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G           B
Lately, Lately
Em          G       B
We havenít been at our best
G          B
But maybe, maybe 
Em                     G      B
We had it coming for a long time
C                                 G              B
Everybody knows that life is like a dancerís pirouette  
C                                  G              B
With grace we dodge each conflict and decision that weíve made
C                                 G             B
Everybody tells themselves that they must be justified
C                                 G            B
They do what they do because theyíre trying to get by

G         B     Em     G       B
Maybe , Maybe we all are selfish
G         B      Em     G       B
But maybe, maybe  it isnít over yet

C                             G          B
Everybody knows that love is like a prairie fire 
C                             G          B
It sweeps across the fields, consuming it all 
C                             G          B
Everybody knows, that love can never fade nor flicker
C                  B
That itís pure as the air we breathe
C                    B
Weíve made mistakes that we canít change
G                                  Am
But thereís still time to start again  (repeat) 

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