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Muse - Shine Acoustic chords

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(Standard tuning, NO CAPO, if you´re infamiliar with chords see diagrams/suggestions below)

Intro: (Whilst thunder and rain on background: Arpeggiate C)  
C Dm G7 C Caug C6 Caug Dm Dm(maj7) Dm7 G7

C                 Dm         G7
Who cares for the life we've earned
C   Caug  C6   Caug    Dm   Dm(maj7) Dm7  G7
Someone's sold all the truth         we've earned

Am   C   F  G7          C E7 Am C
Remember when we used to shine
    F   D7 Gsus4 G          C  Caug C6 Caug
And had no fear   or sense of time
               C        Caug C6 Caug
When it creeps up on you

C                         Dm         G7
You can't cry now there's nothing to feel
C  Caug  C6  Caug     Dm  Dm(maj7)Dm7 G7
No one's noticed  our loneliness

Am*  C*  F*  G7*           C E7 Am C
Remember when  you used to  tease
    F    D7 Gsus4 G         C Caug C6 Caug C Caug C6 Caug
And made us scream  eternal  joy

C                     Gsus4    G
I believed that you'd always be here
      C     Caug C6 Caug    Dm Dm(maj7) Dm7 G7
'cause once you  promised a life  with  no  fear

Am*    C*    F* G7*  C E7 Am C
Please don't break my ideals
    F   D7    Gsus4  (G7)    C E7 Am C
And say whats fake was always real
F D7      Gsus4 G7         C E7 Am C
I was the one now I'm gone
F    D7 Gsus4 G
Take me back  again

Outro: C Caug C6 Caug C Caug C6 Caug C


The original song uses a capo on the 3d fret which makes it a 
hell of a lot easier to play but capos are for pussies and also
 I don't have a capo so I figured the open position chords 
(I'm gonna leave out the common chords such as C, Dm, G7, E7, D7, Am, F, and G...
 if you need to you can google those, they are pretty simple).

1.- When reaching the "C Caug C6 Caug" progression, you can use these chords which 
you may find easier:

e|----x----  --x---- ----x--------x------------------|
B|----5----  --5---- ----5--------5------------------|
G|----5----  --5---- ----5--------5------------------|
D|----5----  --6---- ----7--------6------------------|
A|----7----  --7---- ----7--------7------------------|
E|----8----  --8---- ---(8)------(8)-----------------|(Notes in parenthesis mean optional)
      C       Caug       C6      Caug


       C       Caug      C6      Caug

SUGGESTION:If you still wish to simplify this progression,
 you can replace every C6 in the song with an Am, 
sounds about the correct chord and'll make it easier.

2.- As for the "Dm Dm(maj7) Dm7 G7" progression, here's how it goes:

     Dm     Dm(maj7)   Dm7      G7

3.- In case you were wondering how to play a Gsus4:

e|---3-------- or       --3-------------------------------------------------------|
B|---1---------some     --1-------------------------------------------------------|
G|---0---------people   --0-------------------------------------------------------|
D|---0---------play     --0-------------------------------------------------------|
A|---2---------it like  --x-------------------------------------------------------|
E|---3---------this---> --x-------------------------------------------------------|
    Gsus4               Gsus4

4.- SUGGESTION: I use some variations on the chords (The ones marked *) when 
reaching the 2nd chorus 
which make it sound closer to the recording and way prettier, you may choose to 
ignore this of course)
These chord variations are Am* C* F* G7*
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