My Morning Jacket - Lead Me Father chords

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When my [G]hands are [D]tired
And my [G]step is slow
Walk [C]beside me and give me the [G]strength to go
Fill my [C]veins with your courage so the [G]fear wonít [Em]show
Pick me [D]up when I stumble so the [C]world wonít [G]know
[C]Lead me Father with the [G]staff of life
[C]Give me the strength for a [D]song
[C]May the words I sing 
[G]My own strings ring [Em]
To [D]help some oh troubled, weary [C]worker [G]along
When my [G]way is [D]light but [G]I canít see
May the [C]strong hand strike out the [G]blindness in me
Show me [C]words that I shall carry [G]on for [Em]thee
Make my [D]way straight and narrow like you [C]want me to [G]be
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