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Mymp - True Colors tab

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           Am   G
you with a sad eyes
  C       C/E               F
dont be discouraged till i realize
     Am           G
its hard to take courage
   C          Dm
in world full of people
    C/E             F
you can lose sight of all
        Am             G
and the darkness inside you
   C             C
can make you feel so small    ----strum this part a little bit strong

               F    C           G
But i see your true colors shining through
           F     C           F            G
i see your true colors and that's why i love you
    F       C         F         Am
so dont be afraid to let them show
      F    C       F     C          G
your true colors, true colors are beautiful
like a rainbow

medyo tinatamad n akong mag-type eh..kaya kayo n bahalang dumiskarte sa lyrics...

for comments or suggestions? (09158866145)

para sayo toh Agie!!!
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