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Nada Surf - Weightless tab


I know there is a perfectly good tab for this on here but after watching an
 acoustic version I thought I'd post up this more accurate (at least how its
 played by Matthew on the live version I watched) version up. Enjoy :)

Tuning: Standard w/ capo on 3rd fret

Intro/Chorus riff - (tab relative to nut - when strumming this part dont be
 afraid to hit the open strings as well, Im not 100% whether Matthew does
 this but it sounds pretty sweet)

E|---11-11---11--11---6-6---6--6---3-3---3--3---101010-8 8 8--|

Transition riff into verse and once halfway through intro/chorus - (sliding


Slower part - (tab relative to capo - if you listen to the record Matthew
 just strums each chord once which is how Ive written it but if playing solo
 acoustic it may work better with additional strums) (pps. Ive also written
 this part relative to the capo instead of the nut just so the chords make
 more sense)


Pretty much do it all over again and thats the song :)

Hope you like my first tab - enjoy!
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