Nada Surf - All Is A Game chords

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I have been searching the internet FAR and WIDE and could not find anything except some 
guy covering this song on youtube (his version is way better but I can't really make out 
what he's playing) This is my first entry so bare with me.
      Am                       Em
Do you wake up and lie there
       C                          G
And think it through?
      Am                  Em
Is the weight of your own life
     C                      G
Too much for you?

C              Em        G
[it all is a game, yeah
 You forgot to play
C      G
You did ]x2

  Am   Em              C                 G
Woke up and hour after the clock
    Am              Em
Remembered the details
      C            G
And wanted to stop
   Am             Em
The stakes in my life
      C              G
Are going so far up
    Am                 Em
That my fingers are like
       C                G
Haven't you had enough

       Am             Em ( it goes like this for most of the verses 
(Am, Em, C, G)
But first i gotta find money
I gotta get lunch
Tell me something funny
Coz i'm cracking up
And later when i see stars
I'll know i'm alright
I go scary far
From the dark to the light

     C          Em       G
[it all is a game, yeah
Em (?)
You forgot to play
C     G
You did ]x2
( I HAVE NO IDEA b.c there are bar chords involved... )
The stove is open coz it's cold
Got a stack of posessions to be sold
There's a hallway to a doorway
To a room that you're in
And in there all day
The walls are you say
The sky's whatever you say
[it all is a game, yeah
You forgot to play
You did]x4
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