Nana Grizol - Broken Cityscapes chords

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G                D                 Am              D
Pushing forward, highway miles are cheaper than in town
       G                D                   Am                 D      
If you left something behind we'll try your best not to let it get you down
    Am             D                 Am             D
The city's full of bullshit, I don't sleep there anymore
        Am                 D                  Am              D
I don't want it's schmoozy eagerness, I don't want to be it's whore

       G             D                Am                   D
Oh but we, we are so awestruck by the way that things just are
             G                     D
Like how the sun shines 'till it's night time
         Am                    D
We fall asleep to the sound of passing cars

          Am             D
It's that sinking sunken feeling
         Am                       D
That you get on the roofs of tall buildings
        Am           D      Am                              D
Staring out over the bay or broken cityscapes that make you cry
             Am                                          D
And it's not sad you just don't know how to begin to ask why

G               D              Am               D
Just a few more cigarettes and I'll come back inside
           G            D
And do you ever get the feeling
          Am                  D
Something somewhere in you is still alive
            Am            D            Am            D
And saying "Oh and it's a big life, as big as it can be
           Am             D                      Am    D
And if you cannot see the beauty well don't give up so easily
           G                D              Am           D
And it's a weak-kneed conversation telling your new revelation
     G          D            Am
To a choir of a more cynical nature

            Am           D
"Being your ego and your id
              Am                              D
The part that swears to you you'll never want kids
              Am               D
The part that drinks away each night
           Am                               D
And in the morning wakes at ten and goes to work

   G               D      Am                D
So let's not be so bitter at least not just yet
          G                D 
I keep meaning to say everything's ok
            Am           D
Well how presumptuous is that?

    Am                   D
And sure we all get hurt sometimes
    Am                D
And sure we all feel ashamed
           Am                    D
But if our friends can't help us through these things
        Am                   D
I don't know what friendship means
            Am                                 D       G
And I don't know just what it is I'm trying to say	
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